Stop Talking: Effective Rapid Prototyping Techniques (2013)


Media Blackout

PAX Dev has a conference-wide media blackout to encourage free speech and willingness to share knowledge in the interest of education over profit. As a result, no video or audio is available for this talk.


This session discusses a rapid prototyping methodology that combines the strengths of artistic thumbnailing with constant playtesting to greatly enhance the concept development process. The methodology is an evolving practice intended for teams that wish to rapidly produce and test a high number of playable prototypes in a short time span, and is best implemented by a dedicated, self-sufficient prototyping “strike team”. By covering the pillars of the methodology, as well as providing case studies of when each pillar was (or wasn’t) used and the consequences that resulted, attendees will gain a good foundation for the effective use of the process, and the ability to put it into practice.



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