About Me


Though I’ve been interested in game development since the age of 9, it wasn’t until the age of 15 that a game actually changed my life by teaching me lessons in social politics, leadership, responsibility, and hard work. I’ve since dedicated my boundless energy to applying those skills as a game developer so that other gamers might one day be able to see the same personal growth and endless entertainment that games have offered me.

As a former student at DigiPen Institute of Technology, I had the privilege of building several award-winning games alongside some of the industry’s brightest up-and-coming talent, many of whom now work at Blizzard, Bungie, Wargaming, 343, Wizards of the Coast, ArenaNet, Gearbox, and beyond. This experience, combined with humbling mentorships from some of the industry’s most respected designers and creative directors, has given me the design instincts and technical know-how to propel me into a very rewarding career.

I now work alongside legendary game-maker Chris Taylor and the incredible team at Wargaming Seattle as a Game Designer on an unannounced title. Since starting, I’ve been thrown right into the fray of development, where I’ve had some truly incredible opportunities to provide value to my studio all while learning from world-class creative minds.



“Having spent the past few months working alongside Kevin has been one of the greatest experiences I have ever had as a producer. His ability to think critically and solve design problems has been unmatched, and his scope-minded thought process has proven to be greatly beneficial in all areas of production. Both technically and creatively driven, Kevin not only continues to strive towards designing games that are incredibly engaging, but executes on his ideas brilliantly. Able to jump from one task to the next, Kevin is an absolute whirlwind of productivity that anyone would be lucky to work alongside with.

I can guarantee without a shadow of a doubt that Kevin will be, and remain to be, one of the most passionate, intelligent, and driven game designers you will ever have the fortune of meeting.”

Tré Fitzgerald, Producer at ArenaNet LLC (Worked with Kevin on Wingman)

“I can easily say that I have never met another designer quite like Kevin. He is always working on figuring out just how to make anything he is working on into solid gold, and it shows. His focus on prototyping and rapid iteration make him extremely agile and an asset to any team. He identifies problems at the root level and makes sure that he always has multiple backup plans. Kevin is also extremely flexible, clearly communicates, and is easy to work with, Working with Kevin has taught me a lot about the design process and I would love to work with him again in the future.”

Samir Patel, Associate Producer at Bungie (Worked with Kevin at DigiPen Institute of Technology)

“Kevin is a powerful force with the notable ability to transform a concept into a razor-sharp, highly-efficient product. His skillset is dense across the board with expert prowess in systems design, graphic design, and product ownership — all necessary and critical components to the development of our project, Rekkage. He is a pleasure to work with due to his unique personality and exemplar professional drive. Basically, Kevin is someone worth imitating.”

David McKenzie, Associate Level Designer at Wargaming Seattle (Worked with Kevin on various projects)

“Kevin is a rock star. He has led Nomad’s design team from the start with excellent precision. Kevin is extremely consistent in his work and attempts at self-improvement. During production on Nomad he set the bar on quality and commitment. Kevin is highly skilled at game design and devoted to creating quality works.”

John Dusseau, Brand Project Coordinator at PopCap Games (Worked with Kevin on Rekkage)

“Kevin is hard-working, sharp, and effective. He tackles hard design problems with intelligence and persistence, always staying focused on the experience of the player. In particular, he has shown a knack for creating and balancing engaging multi-player games. He has my highest recommendation.”

Ben Ellinger, VP of Software Production at DigiPen Institute of Technology (Managed Kevin at DigiPen Institute of Technology)

“Kevin is a surprising individual that continues to inspire me, even to this day. At first I thought his dedication to his work and dreams to be almost fool-hardy, but he has remained vigilant to his dreams of game design and growing the game development community for years. This energy permutates through-out every group I’ve ever worked with Kevin on, game-related or otherwise, and keeps the group motivated and working hard. In a way, managing Kevin has been difficult but only because he always has great ideas and its hard to keep up with his seemingly-boundless spirit. Even when I nearly gave up on Drexel Game Developers Group (DGDG), Kevin stayed focused and in touch from across the country and inspired me to bring it back to greatness, despite having no more official ties to DGDG or Drexel at all anymore.

His game design ideas are the smartest and most well-informed I’ve ever encountered, and definitely had a huge part in helping the DGDG win a design award at the 2011 Philly Game Jam. If he chooses to find work at any company, I know without a doubt he’ll make a invaluable addition there.”

Keith Ayers, SDE at Microsoft (Worked with Kevin at Drexel University)

“I have hired numerous Digipen graduates for my company BrandX Games and have been deeply impressed with their performance and work. While Kevin didn’t work for me at BrandX, I was fortunate enough to work with him while substitute teaching at Digipen. Kevin is one of the brightest young minds that I have encountered in my 15+ years in the industry. His knowledge of game design is fantastic. Anyone who is able to entice Kevin to work for their team/company, could do no better. He is smart, personable and a dedicated worker. I am happy to endorse him as he begins his journey into our industry. If he’s interested in working for your company – simply put, HIRE him.”

Charles Balas, Game Design Instructor at DigiPen Institute of Technology (Managed Kevin at DigiPen Institute of Technology)