Gameplay Overview

Design Experiences, Not Videogames

Working on Outbreak is a constant (welcome) reminder that being a designer doesn’t mean you make videogames, it means you make experiences. While using slightly different tools, building a live-action game utilizes the same core design muscles that I’ve used in all of my digital and tabletop products, and has even informed some of the design decisions I’ve made on multi-million dollar titles.

Outbreak has seen numerous successes during development and execution, including:

  • Players Play How they Want – The introduction of our “Reversion” mechanic allowed players to switch between teams at any point during the week, increasing retention and allowing players to play the game they want to play.
  • Day 1 Experience Improvements – The probability-driven “Starter Zombies” mechanic allowed us to more successfully predict gameplay trends in order to produce better content for our players, and minimize the need for moderator intervention and improvisation.
  • Massive Participation Increases – User acquisition and retention has increased by over 100% since our first production.
  • Media AttentionAn article was featured on geek culture website Geekwire, illustrating our efforts to evolve Humans vs. Zombies into a stronger product focused on the memorable interactions between players.